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PIECES OF EIGHT. Pieces of eight were Spanish silver coins (pesos) that circulated along with other hard currency in the American colonies. Since the settlements in the New World were all possessions of their mother countries ( England, Spain, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands ), they did not have monetary systems of their own.

an old silver Spanish coin; worth 8 reales. ... That meant its treasure of Spanish escudos and pieces of eight reached the seabed in one very specific spot. El Cazador—How a Shipwreck Changed America's Landscape ... Apr 10, 2018 ... Owning a Piece of History ... 1783 Mexico 8 Reale form the El Cazador Shipwreck ... What is the current value of one of the 8 Reale coins? Pirate Money Piece of Eight - Replica Spanish Dollar | The Perth Mint Pieces of Eight are Spanish silver dollars minted from the late 15th century through to the 19th century. The Spanish dollar coin, worth eight Reales, could be ... Pirates & Privateers : What exactly is Piece of Eight? Apr 5, 2016 ... A: The eight coins (also known as the “real de a ocho”, “Spanish dollar”, and the ... A piece of eight was worth 8 silver reals (8 times 1 real).

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Pieces of Eight | Coin Talk Sep 13, 2014 · But a whole 8 Reale coin is called a "Piece of Eight" so does that mean that multiple 8 Reale coins are "Pieces of Eight" or are pieces of an 8 Reale coin "Pieces of Eight" or both? I see a few examples of cut-up Pieces of Eight sold online, but not many, and they are outrageously expensive. * Pieces of eight (Numismatic) - Definition,meaning Pieces of eight. Pieces of Eight - A former Spanish coin with a face value of eight reales; the U.S. dollar was originally valued at and tied to eight reales. Planchet - The blank metal disk from which a coin is struck ; also called a blank or flan. Popular term for silver Spanish 8 …

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REPLICA PIECES OF EIGHT PIRATES TREASURE REALES SPANISH ... Great quality coins, worth getting if you want real metal treasure for your little pirates.

28 Jul 2015 ... If you've ever seen a guy waving a metal detector around on an empty beach and immediately judged him as a crazy Illuminati-fearing ... Pirates & Privateers : What exactly is Piece of Eight? 5 Apr 2016 ... A: The eight coins (also known as the “real de a ocho”, “Spanish dollar”, and the ... A piece of eight was worth 8 silver reals (8 times 1 real). WINGS Coins: Pieces of Eight, published in The Numismatist ... to issuing silver coinage, it simply replicated the weight and value of the Spanish unit and its fractions.) Wings Coins article in the Numismatist - Pieces of Eight. Southland Coins-Treasure Coins 8 Reales from Spice Islands Wreck, circa 1630 - $275.00 ... The Spanish dollar coin was worth eight reales and could be physically cut into eight pieces, or "bits,"  ...

Pieces of eight are historical Spanish dollar coins minted in the Americas from the late 15th century through the 19th century. Made of silver, they were in nearly worldwide circulation by the late 19th century and were legal currency in the United States until 1857.

Pieces of Eight. The value of these handsome hand made coins has sky-rocketed. A dollar sized, silver, piece-of-eight from a famous wreck like Mel Fisher’s Atocha in “number one grade” condition can bring well over a thousand dollars. Many of the gold doubloons now go for tens of thousands of dollars. can you tell me about the pieces of 8 coins.? | Yahoo Answers Can you tell me about the pieces of 8 coins.? ... Becuase the coins were made of pure silver, cutting them into pieces did little to decrease their value. So we now know that the Piece of Eight was a standard dollar in Old Spain. Where does that leave the Doubloon and what is this Escudo that I'm talking about? Well the Escudo was a coin ... Buy 1 oz Silver Pieces of Eight | Silver Shield Rounds | KITCO Buy Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds. Each point of the star on this solid 1 ounce silver round shows the 8 fractional measures, with each section embossed with 1/8th oz and the 999 purity. This modern Pieces of Eight silver coin cannot be broken into 8 pieces without destroying its collectible value. BBC - A History of the World - Object : Pieces of eight Pieces of eight were the world's first global currency. As the coins of Spain they were used across the vast Spanish Empire, stretching from South America to the Philippines, but were also used outside the empire as well. In 1600 one coin would have been worth the equivalent of a modern £50 note.